Last year, I visited Blacklake Nipomo, California. I have had  great..

Last year, I visited Blacklake Nipomo, California. I have had  great expectation of the place since my friend visited this place in 2014. She said that the experience of being in Blacklake is like your not in a rural town but instead a very luxurious place.

My first travel there we had our stay in Espinoza’s Golf Condos at Blacklake Golf Resort. This Golf Resort stands out of its beauty alone, the laid -back atmosphere was superb and you can play anywhere around . At the place I stayed the living room is fully furnished the plays has many amenities and I relax almost everywhere I go. The Master suite was the traditional “California king bed” it felt like Rihanna was singing at me. I also got to see the guest room and it was already above average in terms of accomodation.

at night we went to the patio. The place had a Barbeque and a lounge table. The place was large enough and the place is very spacious and is surrounded with the green of nature.

After that I had my travel in the attractions part of the central coast . As I visited this part I learned that the Central Coast’s four regions offer everything I desired with California experience and vacation. I was surprised with sunset over the Pacific, the national and state parks are superb, and me being a wine guy tasted world class wine in all the bar that I went in and I had some round golfs and a classic beach at the end of my tour.

I stayed here only for 5 days but the stay was superb. The people are very nice and smart. The road is very huge and I never experience traffic. The only problem I had is that I could only stay for 5 days how I wish I stayed for 5 years.